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The Broken e-book released + giveaway!

Hi guys, some good news. The Kindle edition of The Broken has been released. And while Amazon are still setting up some of the fine details here and there, the book is available for purchase and use, at a very affordable price, I might add. So if you’re interested, and you very well should be, please hop over to Amazon and do your thing.

Of course, this is a reason to celebrate. AND we have the Dedoimedo’s seventh birthday coming up. To that end, I’ve decided to be benevolent, so you get not one but two days free giveaway of the first book in the series, The Betrayed. Starting midnight PST, June 19 till midnight June 21, The Betrayed will be available for zero charge, so hurry up and grab them books. Do not forget the smartphone contest running on Dedoimedo. Or the lovely jubbly limericks contest, either! There you go, enough incentives, the rest is up to you. Have fun.

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