— The Lost Words

Commencing new book: Zombies!

Ladies and gentlemen, embrace the inner living cadaver in you. Year 2017 has started, and that means I am going to publish a new work. It’s not going to be a sequel to The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich just yet, because Dick is a character than needs to be sampled in small doses. it’s going to be a brand new book. Zombies. First person. From a zombie’s perspective.

Zombies teaser

I’ve never done any one of these themes before, and it was a great personal challenge. I am not a great fan of the first person narrative, so I was thinking, what does one have to do to write a likable, interesting, compelling story where the protagonist is rotting on the inside, literally? Well, hopefully, this is going to be an enlightening quest for both you and me. Starting right now. More news to come, so stay tuned, my faithful oneZ.

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