— The Lost Words

The Betrayed, free for grabs

Ladies, gentlemen and shapeshifting teen werewolves, The Betrayed, the first book in The Lost Words series, will be available for zero-cost e-book grabs between April 10 and April 14, included. The clock beginneth at the stroke of midnight, Pacific Time. So if you don’t own a Kindle copy just yet, this is your chance.

The Betrayed cover

As always, once you grab your digital item, you are kindly asked to read and review, honestly and brutally and verbosely. Even if you find the contents not quite as funny or exciting as I value them, I still want to hear your opinion. Then, let us not forget I might run a new win-a-gadget contest like the one we had the previous year, so there’s that. Anyway, good or bad, share thy experiences. So long.

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