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Lo and behold, hold and be-lol. Underground Book Reviews has given my sweet little prince his due share of attention and boy is he basking innit. Not only do we have a splendid review in our hands, four golden stars no less, there’s an interview, too. A double shot of attention!

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Children of the Internet, prophets, readers, fans, and friends! Nothing warms my heart more than thermonuclear reactions, and failing that, when someone puts me under a spotlight. Since I have a highly developed sense of narcissism and histrionics with a dab of self-diagnosed megalomania, USI and a keen love for the stage, being called to attention by others, in a good way, is a great boon. On a more serious note, but not by a lot, I have not one but two author spotlights for you!


Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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I like to get interviewed. It gives me spotlight, which, in turn, gives me pleasure. But I also like the other side of the coin, which is to let other people talk about themselves and their writing experience, or even career, those few, lucky few, those band of brothers. One such person is Michael J. Sullivan, a famous name in the self-published fantasy arena. Today, he’s agreed to tell us his story.

Michael J Sullivan

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You might be interested in this little piece. A well-respected book reviewer Wendell Adams, the man behind bookwraiths.com, recently did a whole bunch of exposes on my literary works. He read and, luckily for me, liked The Betrayed, he is currently running a giveaway on both the first and second The Lost Words books on his site, and just a couple of days back, he published an interview with your signficant other, me.


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Yup, I just got interviewed again! Anyhow, a nice fellow by the name of James, A.K.A. Cirias, who runs the fantasy slash speculative fiction blog fantasybastion.com, agreed to interview me, with the questions focusing on my book writing. If you’re interested, I recommend you hop by the yonder site and take a look at another facet of my lunacy. For those of you with the attention span of a newt, I kindly added this excerpt.

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