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I have some more goatsome news. Nya of Nya Reads, has agreed to publish a guest post featuring my own words. This fine piece of lunacy prose is titled Love Thy Goats, and it goes into vivid detail of my (and Dietrich’s) fascination with cuddly grass-eating quadrupeds. As we have just recently had the launch of You Are Here, an SFFWorld.com anthology, and its teaser story titled A Tale of Guns and Goats and Velvet Coats, what better way is there to continue the theme than with another goat story?


Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Dear readers, we have a new contest ahead of us! The format is very similar to the two previous contests that we had, the first one in 2013, which resulted in a lucky winner getting a Nexus phone, as the Ubuntu Phone was not ready yet then, and the one in 2014-2015, where I finally handed out an BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Phone to an entrepreneuring contestant. This year? The Ubuntu M10 tablet.

Ubuntu tablet

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If the title of this post looks familiar, this is because my article today is a reference of another article. Namely, Wendell, the guy behind a very custhy book review and author spotlights website Bookwraiths, has just published a piece focused on older, overlooked, under-appreciated speculative fiction books. Better yet, he asked some – of his favorite – authors for their opinion.


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Fancy winning a free copy of The Humbled, the freshly released fourth and last volume in The Lost Words series? Sure you do. Which is why you ought to head over to Goodreads, do a bit of furious mouse clicking, and maybe, when the giveaway ends, you could. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess. Four copies of the fourth book. Idyllic. Sep 28 till Oct 11. Enough said.

The Humbled

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Admit it, some books are better than others. And not just because a certain author makes a better work with words than his or her fellow companions. Sometimes, it comes down to a purely emotional reaction to the setting. The Hobbit Shire, the Shannara world, Locke Lamora and his band of thieves. So if you had to choose, what is your ideal type of fantasy, as a reader and as a writer?

Fantasy style

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There, a hyperbole. A catchy title to, well, catch your attention. But the thing is, I believe I’ve read more books this year than any other year before, and most of those books were first reads. New books. And they came recommended by the Goodreads community, which is always a good thing.


Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, courtesy of wikimedia.org.

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Medieval castles are an inseparable part of any fantasy book. Whether it’s high or low, magical or not, steampunk, industrial or barbaric, eventually, you will come across a big, architecturally magnificent piece of human masonry, woodwork and physics that goes against all logic. Which is totally cool, because you’re not there to admire realism, you’re there to admire ancient buildings created by a bygone races exactly 3,000 years ago. Or something. So how about some castles?


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As you may have noticed, if you follow me on Goodreads, most of my book reviews contain a nice little limerick, the true form of folk poetry. Of course, in the best tradition of British national humor, it’s all about balls and asses. In my case, slightly more related to the books at hand. Now, I wanted to share with you, and so, here’s a small collection of some of my finer limericks. For more, you will have to browse Goodreads, but here be an appetizer.

Limericks teaser

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Beware geeks bearing gifts, the popular saying goes. But not when those gifts are fancy electronics gadgets, an expensive one of which you may win should you decide to continue reading this article and follow its instructions. As it happens, I’m running a contest on my main site, Dedoimedo.com. The rules are simple, read my books, write reviews and sign up for a lottery. At the end of it, there’s gonna be a draw, and the winner gets something fancy, like a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop, or a similar. Savvy?


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Hello, everyone. I am pleased to announce yet another literary work featuring a bunch of words written by your significant other, me. It is an anthology commemorating the 100th anniversary of WWI with alternate history stories from the trenches, and it is aptly named Wars to End All Wars – Alternate Tales from the Trenches. Real-life events, only not quite. Now, surprise surprise, one of the contributing authors to this piece is Elizabeth Moon!

Wars to End All Wars anthology

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