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The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich has been published! The silliest book of the year is here, and you are more than welcome to grab yourself a copy. Paperback for now, with Kindle coming in a week or two. The name of the series? Woes & Hose. How about that.


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I am going to announce the imminent release of The Humbled in just a few short days. The keen-eyed among you will already be able to find what they want and need, if they want. For the rest, here’s a couple of sample chapters, to give you the taste of the fourth and the final, I repeat final volume in The Lost Words series. Spoilers galore.

The Humbled, ready cover

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That’s not actually the title of the book. But that’s definitely the theme of the book. My new book. I wouldn’t call it historical fiction, especially not when you toss in dragons into the bowl and mix it all up. The Book of Revelations, Armageddon, dragons, the end of the world. That’s the basic storyline. How about a sample chapter?


Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0; courtesy of wikipedia.org.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the title of the brand new book that I intend to publish in the coming months. It is totally unrelated to The Lost Words quadrilogy. Moreover, I am inventing a whole new genre. Fundark. Or grimfun. Yep. Now, as to our protagonist. Imagine the perfect hero: handsome, tall, courageous, loves his father. Meet Prince Dietrich, the exact opposite.

Prince Dietrich

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Warning, warning, warning. Spoilers! Like with the first two books, you get two sample chapters of the third and penultimate installment in The Lost Words series, The Forgotten. The book picks up the action right where The Broken ended, so if you have not read that one, please, stop right now, or you might spoil it for yourself. And most importantly, keep the children away. The first chapter, in particular, is very brutal. Now, commence.


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All right guys. Here we go. Two free chapters from The Broken, book two of the series. This should give you a relatively good idea what the sequel is all about, as well as massively spoil the ending of the first book, since a few very monumental things happen on the very first page. In the very first sentence of the first chapter. So I beg you, if you have not read The Broken, do not be tempted to scroll down any further. You have been politely warned. Cheers.

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Ewan had never seen an army before, although he had read about them in books. There was no army in the Safe Territories. It was one of the founding principles of the country. People who wanted to live without violence came to the Safe Territories to escape the brutal world out there, be they refugees or criminals. No one asked any questions. Everyone was welcome, as long as they swore to leave their former lives behind and start afresh.

People were given a shelter to live in. They were given jobs that fit their skills. Some were even given new names. All sins were forgiven. It was like being born again. And in return, the newcomers promised to live by the Code for the rest of their lives. A fair bargain, by far.

The long train of soldiers was trundling down the Old Road, raising a huge cloud of dust that looked like a sandstorm. It was what had drawn Ewan’s eye in the first place.

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Commander Mali winced as she methodically worked the string wrapped around her fingers. She had noticed a few brown hairs above her upper lip the night before and was now removing the culprits while a ruddy irritation bloomed in their place. Most female soldiers did not pay much attention to their looks, but Mali did not share their sentiment. She believed herself to be good-looking and intended to stay that way, despite her battle scars and the harsh sun, or even more so because of them. Men appreciated good looks. More than bad looks, at least.

She looked away from her reflection in a small wall mirror, toward the slumbering shape of Captain Ralf, her last night’s companion. He slept peacefully, exhausted, tangled in sweat-soaked linen, one leg dangling off the bed, a spectacular backside just peeking beneath the cover, taunting her. She smiled.

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