The Humbled has been published!

The Humbled has been published!

There, done! The fourth and final volume in The Lost Words epic saga is finally available, both paperback and Kindle editions. The Humbled brings the interwoven stories of your favorite characters to a conclusion. There will be no more books in this series. It’s done. Whatever you read on the last page will not be resolved, and questions left unanswered shall forever remain a mystery.

The Humbled

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Book details:

Language: English

Trim size: 5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

Color: Black & White on White paper

Paperback: 628 pages

Kindle: 1707KB

ISBN-13: 978-1512252682

ISBN-10: 1512252689


Availability: In stock

If you’re wavering, try the sample chapters. And think about giveaways and contests. We had some in the past few years, and they all turned out nicely. Well, I honestly hope you will find the series’ ending enjoyable. It could be a little grim and bloody, but then, what’s the fun in knowing all will be well. Quite the contrary. Anyhow, off you go reading and me writing future works, series and brand new heroes! See ya.