I’m writing a new book – sci-fi

I’m writing a new book – sci-fi

The genre of science fiction is not new to me. I’ve already dabbled in it quite some over the years, including a fair range of short stories, featuring space travel, robots, androids, dystopian, futuristic, and apocalyptic themes. But I’ve never written a full sci-fi book.

Sci-fi book teaser

Well, I am writing one now. It should be an interesting experiment – for many reasons. One, this is another attempt to trail blaze into uncharted territory and expand my writing skills. Two, the theme should be exciting – a thousand years from now, the human race has mastered faster-than-light travel, but with it come some rather grim, terrifying discoveries …

Another novelty is a female lead protagonist – and I’m not playing any populistic hype card here, far from it. I’ve had tons of strong female characters in The Lost Words series, and in some of my short stories too, but never have I written a complete book with emphasis on a (single) female lead.

Not that there won’t be other protagonists, mind. I’m looking at this as another opportunity to hone my writing and characterization and explore my abilities to tell a compelling and once again unique and different story. I don’t like repetition, and I don’t like milking stories ad nauseum. So this should be a brand new Igor book, with a fresh set of ideas, setting and storytelling.

When is it coming out, you ask. Well, I don’t know just yet.

That’s in the future.