Several news books coming your way

Several news books coming your way

Hello there, readers. I’ve got some more good news for you. As you probably know, I am doing audio books for Decay and Darkness, the two volumes in the Humanz trilogy. But that’s not all I’ve doing, oh no. There shall be a heap of fresh novels coming your way this year.

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

So what’s new? I will be writing the third and final installment in the Humanz series. So that should bring another set to a respectable close. Speaking of trilogies, I am also going to publish the last book in the Woes & Hose series. Our famous anti-hero returns in The Daring Adventures of Amorous Prince Dietrich, oh yes.

And on the non-fiction side, I’ve started writing a business slash tech book. I will purposefully keep the details a little murky for now, but I believe this will be a pleasant surprise and an interesting read.

Once I’m done with these, I intend to start a brand new endeavor. I’m not sure what that’s going to be, but at the moment, I have an idea of a classic fantasy novel, full of magic and monsters and flawed characters. Perhaps.

Well, that should keep me busy for a while. So stay tuned!