Decay is now available as an audio book

Decay is now available as an audio book

Here we go. Over the years, some of you expressed interest in seeing my printed works turned into audio books. As it turns out, some people don’t like paperback (or ebooks for that matter), while others are just too busy to sit down and read. Well, I’m happy to announce that an audio version of Decay, the first volume in the Humanz trilogy is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes!


I decided to embark on the audio experiment several months ago. The first task? Finding the right person to narrate your work. Luckily, a friend had a recommendation, which always makes things easier. Decay – and coming soon, Darkness too – has been compiled into an audio book by Andrew James Roberts of Kraken Media.

I have to say, I’m really pleased with the outcome. Andrew has a wide range of sound, and he really helped out bring the characters to life with distinct voices. In a first-person, zombie-themed, Dystopian novella, this isn’t an easy task. But I find the final product awesome, and I hope, so should you.

So what’s next? Well, Darkness should be available very soon, as well. Then, I also have a handful of promo codes for Decay, both for Audible US and UK, and I will soon start offering them to anyone who’d like to listen to and review my book. Should be fun. But this is just a teaser. More details coming soon. Fow now, I’m very happy with the jurney so far. Let’s see how this goes.