— The Lost Words

The Betrayed book is FREE for the next three days!

Perhaps it is Dedoimedo’s birthday, but it is YOU who are getting the presents. As a part of my tech site’s birthday celebration, I am offering The Betrayed for free for a limited period of time. No strings attached. Just hop over to the Amazon page and download the e-book to your reader. Done.

The book giveaway starts sharply June 26, 00:00 Pacific Time, which means approx. 15 hours from now. The giveaway will run for three days, so start partying. In return, all I ask for is that you spread the word about the event and The Betrayed, and if you decide and manage to read the book through, please post a review on Amazon, good or bad. So what are you waiting for?

Get the book at Amazon.com and spread the word!

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