As of mid 2019, Igor’s portfolio spans four technical books, eight novels, and five anthologies, including a short story, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, which was nominated for the 2014 Sidewise Awards for Alternate History!

All of Igor’s books are available for purchase on Amazon. If you are interested in signed copies, promotional deals, or would like to review one of the titles in a professional function, please contact me. Details, backcover descriptions, cover images, and links are available below.

Woes & Hose

As the humorous and punny series titles implies, this trilogy follows the adventures of a self-righteous, spoiled, cowardly Prince Dietrich as he tries to outwit his cunning father, King Ulaf, and become the ruler of Monrich. The first and second volume have been published, with the last installment coming soon.

The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich
The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich, May 2016: Imagine the perfect hero: handsome, tall, courageous, loves his father. Meet Prince Dietrich, the exact opposite. Prince Dietrich’s greatest wish is for his father—the king—to die. Then, he can become the ruler of Monrich. But King Ulaf has other plans for his rebellious son. Tired of Dietrich’s constant failures, the king gives the prince one last chance at redemption: marry Duchess Amadea of Sacony or face banishment to the Black Desert. Left without a choice, Dietrich embarks on his wedding journey. It’s meant to be a peaceful trip…
Glorious Prince Dietrich cover
The Glorious Adventures of Glamorous Prince Dietrich, July 2019: There are heroes. There are anti-heroes. And then, there’s Prince Dietrich. Freshly returned to Monrich from his little escapade of war and deception, the newly wed Prince Dietrich—Dick to his friends—just wants to be left alone, so he can gamble, drink and keep on wishing for the early demise of his father. But King Ulaf is having none of it. He has devised a new challenge for his recalcitrant heir: Dietrich must go to Ostfort and assume the wardenship of the palatine. Or else. What could possibly go wrong? Well, since it’s Dick we’re talking about…everything. For starters. The Glorious Adventures of Glamorous Prince Dietrich continues the absurd series of mishaps, accidents, machinations, lies, treachery, lewdness, greed, malice, and mischief that embody our troublesome, misunderstood protagonist.


In a dystopian near-future world, zombies – humanz – are being hunted to extinction by their fellow humans. This three-volume novella series is told from the perspective of a zombie – in first person. Decay is the first title, with two others slated for future publication.

Decay, July 2017: We know that we pose a threat to humanity. But so does every person with a common cold stepping into a metro on their way to work in the morning. We don’t ask to be hailed as heroes, or the next evolutionary step in human life, because we sure aren’t that. We just ask for the same fair treatment any patient gets, no matter what their disease might be. The humans call us zombies. We call ourselves humanz. Tacky, isn’t it? And we demand equal rights. This is our story.

The Lost Words

The Lost Words is an epic fantasy saga, spanning four volumes. Grim, dark, the story takes places in the ancient world of the Realms, with humans and deites locked in a deadly battle of magic, power and love.

The Betrayed
The Betrayed, April 2012: A war is brewing in the Realms. When the new religious sect of Feor from Caytor invades the Safe Territories, the home of the old gods, Commander Mali of Eracia scrambles to counter its advance. To that end, Adam, an Eracian prostitute who awaits hanging, is spared to join the army. In the Territories, a former criminal Ayrton and his young protégée Ewan face the threat of the invaders. Can the ruthless followers of Feor be stopped, and the old faith be saved?
The Broken
The Broken, May 2013: Eighteen years after Adam defeated the Kingdom of Parus and proclaimed himself emperor of Athesia, he dies peacefully in his sleep. When his daughter Amalia crowns herself empress and takes nobles from neighboring Eracia and Caytor hostage, the political situation in the Realms is primed to explode…
The Forgotten
The Forgotten, August 2014: Being the last remaining deity has its advantages—becoming “God of Everything” means no rivals vying for your followers’ loyalty. For Tanid, it means all the magic he can get in the war against Calemore, the White Witch. Meanwhile, Calemore is using his growing relationship with Nigella to persuade her to decipher a book of prophecies for him. So when he finds Tanid, he can kill him—and take his place…
The Humbled
The Humbled, September 2015: War. It brings out the best and the worst in people. In the Realms, Calemore’s army is advancing from the north, relentless and unstoppable. Guided by the Sirtai wizard Jarman, Empress Amalia and King Sergei agree on a fragile truce to fight the common enemy. Meanwhile in Somar, Countess Sonya is leading the resistance against the nomads, even as her husband lays siege to the city…

I Shall Slay the Dragon!

I Shall Slay the Dragon! retells one of the antiquity’s greatest mythological tales, a story of true love, fiery passion, bitter betrayal – and the one thing that was always missing.

I Shall Slay the Dragon!
I Shall Slay the Dragon!, July 2018: Shimshon. Dlila. And a dragon. It’s been a thousand years since the last war against the Beast. Now, the serpent is awake again, and the armies of Gog and Magog are on the march. If they are not stopped, the world will be enslaved by the dragon. The end of days is near. Shimshon, a fearless warrior with an Ammonite father and an Israelite mother, is a man with little care for divine affairs. He only has two passions in life: women and battle. But he suddenly finds himself surrounded by dark omens. Troubled, Shimshon begins a journey that will test his courage and convictions. His new path leads him to the Israelite Prophet Ieremiah—and a beautiful Pleshet girl named Dlila. Together, they must learn how to defeat the dragon. Only the price for victory is higher than Shimshon ever imagined…


Published with fellow authors and colleagues from

Welcome to Pacific City

You Are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders

Ecotones: Ecological Stories from the Border Between Fantasy and Science Fiction

Wars to End All Wars: Alternate Tales from the Trenches (nominated)

The End – Visions of Apocalypse

Note: For details on the short stories featured in these anthologies, please check the Stories page.

Future publications

The following works should be published in the coming years. Please note this is only an estimated schedule, and some of these books may be pushed to a later date, or better yet, pulled in early. This list does not currenly include any additional anthologies, or joint work with other authors.

Darkness, Humanz 2.0 (expected 2020)

The Daring Adventures of Amorous Prince Dietrich (expected 2021)

The Golden Horde, first of ??? (expected 2021) – currently available as a free weekly serial!

Paradox, sci-fi opera book, first of ??? (expected 2022)

Unnamed YA action-adventure book (expected 2022)

And stay tuned for updates!