Sometimes, you ask questions. Sometimes, you answer them. On this page, you will find a handful of links to all the situations where I did both. Hence, the times I was interviewed, and the times I interviewed fellow authors and other literary personas.

I got interviewed: Underground Book Reviews

Published October 2016

You know the drill. People ask me questions, and I answer them. Spotlight, check. Attention, check. So it’s all good. And coincidentally, you may even like the stuff what’s being said in them interviews. To wit, here’s what the fellas down under (not really but you get the idea) had to ask me.

Welcome today’s author, Igor Ljubuncic. Igor has quite an interesting story himself-dabbling in a wide array of interests beyond writing a funny-bone tickling (anti-)hero’s journey. I hope you enjoy getting to know him a bit better through this interview as much as I have. LYNNE: What inspired you to write about Prince Dietrich, who is essentially, the antithesis of a hero?

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Interview with Michael J. Sullivan

Published July 2014

I like to get interviewed. It gives me spotlight, which, in turn, gives me pleasure. But I also like the other side of the coin, which is to let other people talk about themselves and their writing experience, or even career, those few, lucky few, those band of brothers. One such person is Michael J. Sullivan, a famous name in the self-published fantasy arena. Today, he’s agreed to tell us his story.

Q: If you had to describe yourself in one sentence, how would it read?

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I got interviewed: Bookwraiths

Published June 2014

You might be interested in this little piece. A well-respected book reviewer Wendell Adams, the man behind, recently did a whole bunch of exposes on my literary works. He read and, luckily for me, liked The Betrayed, he is currently running a giveaway on both the first and second The Lost Words books on his site, and just a couple of days back, he published an interview with your signficant other, me.

Q: How long have you been a fan of the fantasy genre? A: I guess since I was ten or so. The moment I picked up The Hobbit and got hooked for life.

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I got interviewed: Fantasy Bastion

Published July 2012

Yup, I just got interviewed again! Anyhow, a nice fellow by the name of James, A.K.A. Cirias, who runs the fantasy slash speculative fiction blog, agreed to interview me, with the questions focusing on my book writing. If you’re interested, I recommend you hop by the yonder site and take a look at another facet of my lunacy. For those of you with the attention span of a newt, I kindly added this excerpt.

Igor Ljubuncic is a physicist and a self-confessed Linux geek, amongst other things, but his real passion is writing. He is the author of The Betrayed, the first in the Lost Words fantasy series. Hi Igor, thanks for joining us. What first inspired you to start writing?

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