This page details our privacy policy and how we use your data.

The Lost Words has been designed for maximum privacy from scratch. The Lost Words does not collect any personal data. The Lost Words does not have user registration, does not store any user information in its database, and does not use any mailing lists.

As of early 2024, The Lost Words no longer collects analytics.


The Lost Words collects statistical data on website traffic through Google Analytics. In the EU and California, US, every page on The Lost Words features an overlay cookie control applet that allows you to consent to analytics and associated cookies. The analytics script will not run and no cookies will be set unless you provide explicit consent. Moreover, The Lost Words runs Google Analytics in a strict privacy mode, with anonymized IP address and no remarketing/advertising.

For more information,  please check Google Privacy Policy.

Temporary session cookies

The Lost Words uses temporary session cookies. The cookies do not contain any personal data, and they are automatically deleted when the browsing session ends.

How to minimize data exposure

Regardless of your activity on The Lost Words, here are several additional privacy-related tips on how to minimize exposure, block tracking, and similar:

– Disable or blacklist cookies using a browser addon like uBlock Origin.

– Disable or blacklist Javascript using a browser addons like Noscript, uMatrix or alike.

– Use Google Analytics opt-out browser addon.

– Spoof user agent information using a browser addon.

– Use a disposable or anonymizing email service.

– Use a VPN service.