Here, you will find links to a whole bunch of my other works, not specifically related to The Lost Words. Short stories, long stories, stupid stories, and such like. Enjoy.

Just a Silly Robot

Released November 2017

The purpose of life is to be. To survive.

On a space colonization mission to Epsilon Eridani, a robot faces the question of his existence – and that of his human comrades.

Just a Silly Robot, a sci-fi themed short story of mine, has been published in Allegory ezine, a bi-annual online magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror, Volume 32/59, Fall/Winter 2017.

Just a Silly Robot


A Tale of Guns and Goats and Velvet Coats

Released November 2016

A cryptic map takes a treasure hunting pair Margot and Gustave to a small island. The reality is not quite as picturesque as it appears. Their escapade will change the way you look at goats for the rest of your lives!

This is a teaser story for the anthology – You are Here – Tales of Cartographic Wonders (see just below). It is available for free reading. link

A Tale of Guns and Goats and Velvet Coats teaser

You Are Here – Tales of Cartographic Wonders

Released November 2016

Maps define our lives as they define our world.

What were once the priceless resources of a brave and lonely few as they set off into the unknown are now carried in the pockets of billions around the globe. But they were never merely lines on paper – while depicting our geography we infused them with our intelligence, our desires, our imagination, and our memories.

Yesterday, we mapped the world only after we discovered its secrets. Today we map the mind and the body as we do so, and slowly unveil the universe before we set off into its infinite domains. Maps may have changed, but they are also changeless: they will always be guides to the spaces, the things and maybe the people around us.

This anthology charts eighteen worlds which are beautiful, frightening, alien, familiar – sometimes none of these, sometimes all. These stories cover every corner of the speculative map, featuring horror, science fiction, steampunk, high fantasy and more, in styles ranging from the literary and the lyrical to the pulpy and the thrilling.

Wherever you find yourself, there’s only one thing you can ever know for sure:


Now go explore…

Amazon link

You are Here teaser

Ecotones: Ecological Stories from the Border Between Fantasy and Science Fiction

Released December 2015

ECOTONES is a pro-am anthology of speculative fiction featuring fourteen tales from best-sellers, award-winners and nominees, established talents and up-coming authors, the fourth annual anthology from Ecotones exist wherever different ecosystems make contact. Where forest meets field… where the land meets the sea… where swamp gives way to jungle… where the surface descends beneath the ground… these are borders across which different ways of life come into conflict, and sometimes cooperation.

But in speculative fiction we might envision other borders: where the mundane meets the fantastical. Where countries clash and cultures mix. Where technology is joined to flesh. Where the known meets the unknown. These are ecotones of the imagination — where anything could happen.

Featuring the work of Ken Liu, Lauren Beukes and Tobias S. Buckell, as well as eleven stories from members of’s writing community – my own included – ECOTONES is a collection like no other — a point of contact between fantasy and science fiction with a timely environmental theme. Do sample, and may you enjoy!

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Ecotones teaser

What About My Humanity?

Released November 2015

What About My Humanity? tells a story of one’s man coping with the terrible legacy of his life in a post-apocalyptic, Dystopian world, where big corporations preside over mankind, and where people are valued only by their usefulness as cheap labor. Kind of like today, is it not?

This short story of mine has been published in Allegory ezine, a tri-annual online magazine of science fiction, fantasy & horror, Volume 28/55, Fall/Winter 2015. It’s free to read and enjoy.

Note: The story has gone offline on June 30, 2016, as the publication has released a new volume. The link above is to a version, and I will post the story online here and on sometime in the future.

Allegory teaser

Wars to End All Wars

Released July 2014

Nominated for the 2014 Sidewise Awards for Alternate History!

Tales set during the first World War, this short story collection takes history and tweaks it.

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1. Seven authors, including the award-winning Science Fiction and Fantasy author, Elizabeth Moon, commemorate that event by writing stories set during the great war, adding their own, sometimes speculative, interpretations and answering the question, “What if…?”

This is a short-story, alternate history anthology, commemorating the 100th anniversary, if it can be called that, of the start of the Great War that changed the face of humanity so much. Later on, the 1914-1918 conflict became known as World War I. But what if things were slightly different? This anthology explores this fantastic and fictional possibilities. Featuring Elizabeth Moon. Plus, my own story is in there, the very first one, actually, titled The Girl With the Flaxen Hair. Please take a look.

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Wars to End All Wars

The End Vision of Apocalypse

Released December 2012

Snap! The world didn’t end on December 21st, 2012! Oh, well, look on the bright side: There’s plenty of time to read this excellent anthology of apocalyptic stories.

This compilation brings together short stories by award-winning science fiction and fantasy authors Hugh Howey, Michael J. Sullivan and Tristis Ward, with fresh, new voices selected by their peers at – all brought to you in this first-of-its-kind anthology.

Each story explores a different end of the world. What is the limit of a computer virus? Can we save the world by stopping time itself, or will we just wither away in the relentless winds of the apocalypse?

Grab your copy now before the end of the world, and find out.

This is a short-story, end-of-the-world anthology, compiled just before the would-be Mayan end of the world that didn’t happen. My own contribution is featured inside, named Let’s See What Tomorrow Brings. It also has stories by a handful of big shots in the self-publishing world, namely Hugh Howey and Michael J. Sullivan. So if you’re interested, do take a look.

Amazon link

The End Vision of Apocalypse

Other short stories

On Dedoimedo as well as Goodreads, I have a whole section of stories and writing snippets, mostly taken from my earlier works, which never quite became fully featured books. Best part? Free, so you should definitely browse and read some. Who knows, you might actually like the stuff.

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