The Betrayed giveaway results

The Betrayed giveaway results

Something amazing happened. Apparently, the free label has its charms. And for three days, from June 26 to June 28, people from all over the world flocked to The Betrayed page to get the Kindle edition of the book for zero money. As you recall, I made the book freely available as part of the Dedoimedo’s sixth year birthday celebration. So what happened during these three jolly days? Well, among other things, the book peaked as high as spot #3 in the Epic Fantasy category. But let me not spoil everything. Follow me.

The Betrayed in spot #7 in Epic Fantasy category on

The Betrayed peaked in spot #3 on Amazon best sellers list

Anyhow, yes. Let’s talk about what happened. The book went viral within hours of the start of the free promotion. Just 10 hours into the giveaway, it was already in spot #14, then while I was sleeping, it climbed briefly into the third spot, with Dedoimedo fans storming the Amazon page, asking for more. Later on, it settled into a comfortable seventh place, where it more or less remained for the next day.

The Betrayed on the Amazon best sellers list

The fever abated somewhat on June 28. In fact, more than 65% of all books were downloaded in the first day, for a total count nearing one thousands. Not bad, and hopefuly most of the people with the free copy of The Betrayed will bother to read it and review it. It will be definitely most interesting to see how this evolves.

I am mightily pleased. My ego is awash in goodness. This is a very good start for my book, which has now seen massive exposure. Will it succeed? It really depends on how good it is. Still, the free giveaway is a fiery opening for the rest of the series, with the complete second book draft undergoing tiny polishes, but you can pretend as if I haven’t told you about that, no formal announcement yet. Soon, very soon.

Well, that would be all. And enjoy the book!