Reviews are a-coming!

Reviews are a-coming!

All right, time to talk about reviews. Book reviews. This is the new category on the website, which I will be updating periodically with new information, editorials and opinions by readers, fans, haters, or maybe even professionals, should they deign to take my book for a spin. Or books, rather. But for now, it’s The Betrayed, and later on, the category will grow to include the sequels, too. So let’s see what people had to say.

The Betrayed starred rating from Amazon teaser

July 7, 2012, current rating: 4.1/5 with 8 reviews on

General tone

All in all, it seems that most people agree on several key points. The book is fast-paced and character driven. While this makes for a quick read, the surrounding story might be lacking in detail. Some of the people feel they would have felt more connected to the book if it had more explanations of the world, the culture and the protagonists themselves. Indeed, as a deliberate story arch that will slowly be revealed in the sequels, I skipped on too many descriptions of people and places involved. In turn, the multiple and parallel plots taking place a a very rapid pace could confuse some of the readers …

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