A highly negative review of The Betrayed – take a look

A highly negative review of The Betrayed – take a look

This is an excerpt from an article posted at Dedoimedo.com – Anyhow, several days ago, I received a highly negative Kirkus Indie Review of my book, The Betrayed. Now, the review policy allows authors not to publish negative review, to save face, so to speak. Since I’m not a pussy and do not fear criticism, I decided to tell you all about it, every little detail. But there’s more. I would like to elaborate on my experience with the review service so that if you ever need it, you give it a pass.

First, this article is ripe with¬†drama, so if you only care for technical pieces, feel free to skip it. Second, it is important for me to convey the right message: so if you want the gist of it, scroll down to the conclusion section, or read the whole thing.¬†Finally, if you are one of those people who dislike me or dislike this site for some reason, this is a great opportunity for you to lean back and enjoy the show. It’s called how Dedoimedo Got Shafted.

The review background story

Anyhow, as a part of my book publication package, I was entitled to a review. Not free, but money is irrelevant here. The reason I wanted someone to review the book was to get an independent and hopefully unbiased opinion on the content. This was before I pitched the idea here and on Dedoimedo.com, which resulted in a handsome feedback from readers, but we will get to that shortly.

The publisher, CreateSpace, works with two review bodies, one of which is Kirkus Indie Review. They send two copies of your work to the reviewer, who then provides their feedback in about 10 weeks. As an author, you are entitled to use snippets of the review on the book’s backcover, Amazon page and other places, as this could help you increase sales or suchlike.

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