I finished Book Two!

I finished Book Two!

Ladies and gents, some really good news! Last week, I have finally and fully completed writing the sequel to The Betrayed, which will become a second book in The Lost Words series, to remain unnamed at this point. Draft one was already complete last month, but then I set about reading and fixing little things, a touch here and there, polishing some of the sub-plots, adding an extra ounce of flesh and lore to make it more believable and interesting.

Book Two will be somewhat longer than The Betrayed, which has 49 chapters, plus Prologue and Epilogue. It will run 59 chapters, plus the said preliminary and concluding parts. The book will be something like 20-25% longer, so I predict about 480 pages of good fun in total.

Now, a word or three on timelines. First, the writing itself. The Betrayed was a unique project in that I finished writing the entire book in one go in the summer of 2007, in approx. two months of work. Book Two was a more complex endeavor. I started working on in the summer of 2010 for about three months and then halted, probably because the diminishing quantity of daylight come the autumn slowed down my mojo, or perhaps, I had lots of other activities at hand, including my full-time job and Dedoimedo. I wrote about 30 chapters then.

I resumed writing in the summer next year, going through the entire half-book and making some small plot changes as well as refreshing my memory, then wrote another 15 chapters and halted come the autumn 2011. See the pattern there?

In early spring this year, I did the redrafting thingie all over for the written 45 chapters, then added the remaining 15, which completed the book, plus the final check throughout. All in all, it took me about three months in the last three years each, so the writing plus some internal editing amounts to about three quarters of a year work.

Now, I will try to peddle the book to various agents and publishers for a while, to see what gives. If nothing comes from it, I will self-publish the book. I believe we ought to see the sequel hit the shelves in early to mid-spring next year, so it should definitely be interesting.

And as we speak, I’ve begun working on Book Three already. And I’ve already written three chapters, so it’s looking good. The turbo mode is on, that is the creative energies, to speak like an untrue poet, are flowing. I hope you will like the second book as much as you did The Betrayed, or more. The only thing left for you is to wait a bit before it’s unleashed unto the world.