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The Lost Words series is complete

On May 15 this year, I started writing the fourth and the last book in the series. A few days ago, let’s call it October 15, I finished the last page in the last chapter of this last book. Five months later, 150 days in total, with 200,000 words spread over 53 chapters, the series is complete. If you’re any good at math, you will realize, it averages to about 1,300 words a day. Compare that to book three, which took 105 days, for some 240,000 words. Now, let’s examine the series as a whole.

The series is complete

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

All right, so what do we have here? I wrote The Betrayed in about two months back in 2007. Fast forward to 2010, and that’s where the first half of The Broken happened. Another quarter in 2011, followed by the last 15 chapter in 2012. Then, I got really serious last year, and had the third book finished in about the same time like The Betrayed, although it weighs twice as much. Not losing the momentum, I did a similar thing this summer, too.

Overall, this four-book series will run some 2,500 pages, about 700,000 words. It has close to 400 miscellaneous characters, and you will encounter some 300 different places, historical events and characters, and others items and personas of interest that create the background story for The Lost Words series. Now, you may be asking, when will be see the third book? My guess is, sometime in mid-2014. Maybe sooner, depends how much popular demand there really is. You may also be asking, what’s next? Well, I have another, completely new book planned. And I will begin writing it quite soon. Congratulations me. That would be all.

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