I am writing three new books

I am writing three new books

I guess writing a single one is not a challenge anymore. So I have started writing three new ones, more or less simultaneously. Three! Now that I’ve finished The Lost Words series, I am trying new things. The first book is a gunpowder-era fast-action no-magic adventure, with a special kind of protagonist. If you can guess, I’m gonna buy you a dinner. Seriously.

Three books

I’m almost 70% done with this book, and I’ve started writing at the beginning of April. It’s been an amazing month, and with a bunch of holidays and vacation days that I had, I managed to write 3-4K words a day, exceeding 10K on a few occasions. Not all of it went into this one specific book of course. Let’s not forget my technical topics on dedoimedo.com.

All in all, I did more than 100K words last month, and with some luck, I’ll finish my anti-hero adventure within two weeks. To make it even more interesting, it’s fairly good natured, rather than dark and grim and violent and ugly like my normal writing.

The second book is about zombies. Again, unlike anything you have ever seen or read, I hope. I’ve never written proper science fiction or contemporary horror, so this is going to be another departure from my comfort zone. I’ve dabbled a few sentences here and there, but nothing too drastic yet. Furthermore, this will be a novella, and it’s an attempt to see whether I can write shorter, faster books. I know I can do epic. So the question is, can I do blitz?

The third one is actually extremely weird. Back in 1990, I wrote a book as a kid. 30K words hammered during one summer vacation. As you’d expect, it’s a blend of Indian Jones, Rambo and other popular 80s action. A guy’s got his mines raided in Africa, so he takes his Vietnam-era special forces buddies to sort things out. Hilariously stupid, and I wrote it when I was just twelve.

Guess what? I’m translating it.

Yup. I’m going to release this as a YA + adult book. With all the nonsense and plot holes and stupidity that I ever thought funny back then. But there will be no editing. It’s going to be a work of genius or a total flop. But it’s gonna happen.

In this list, I am not counting the Linux problem solving book, which I happen to be writing with a real publishing house and all, as part of my work. And there’s another piece of good news, and that’s one of my short stories is going to be included in an anthology. More details to follow.

All of this, in April 2014. Let’s see what gives next month. Eh, this month. Cheers.