The first proof of The Forgotten is here!

The first proof of The Forgotten is here!

Ladies and gentlemen, today I received the first proof of the third, penultimate volume of The Lost Words series. It’s called The Forgotten, the cover was designed by a kickass artist Anton Kokarev, and it’s amazing, as evident from the images below. Need I say more?


All three books

All three books, stacked

Now, you will notice that the design of the cover is slightly different. HINT, I am going to redesign the cover of the first two books, with more of Anton’s awesome work. So stay tuned for updates and even better art.

Anyhow, it’s time to read everything, catch the last couple of dozen spelling errors in the manuscript and have the book published. With some lucky and speedy timeline, The Forgotten should hit the stores in about three or four weeks. There you go. Enjoy.