Writing moods and blocks

Writing moods and blocks

Personally, I do not believe in writer’s block. I do not think it really exists. You can always sit down and write something. The only question is, are you going to be pleased with the outcome? Which brings me to the topic of mood.


Situations definitely affect our writing ability. They can sharpen or blunt our self-criticism, make us overthink and overprocess our prose, or help us relax and enjoy the words pouring out from the hidden recesses of the soul. For me, it’s the sea. Sunny, bright blue, open, it smells of all the great adventures and stories that rode its waves. You can smell the tales of Robinson Crusoe and Dread Pirate Roberts, and you want to share your own slice of wonder and imagination.

And that brings me back to mood. If you feel dissatisfied with your words, maybe all you need is a change in the setting around you. There has to be a difference between sitting down in the shade of a tree, with rolling hills and vineyards around you, and finding yourself cramped in a small, badly lit office, hunched uncomfortably over a laptop keyboard. Perhaps that’s all it takes to unleash your muses.

Think about it. You could be in a forest somewhere, caressed by mist and ferns, and imagine yourself a part of a great fellowship, walking toward a forgotten elven kingdom. Or be standing on a castle wall, and hear and see that enemy force storming the hill while the defenders fire arrows down on them. Perhaps you just need a quiet moment in a library, with the dusty weight and ancient smell of all those books as your writing companion. Well, it would definitely be interesting to hear your thoughts. What is your trigger?