ECOTONES, the 2015 SFFWorld anthology, is published!

ECOTONES, the 2015 SFFWorld anthology, is published!

Hello, denizens of the Internet. Good news. The Ecotones pro-am anthology, the fourth annual community project organized by, has been set free into the wild. It is out there, with fourteen tales of a mostly speculative and fictional nature, created and molded by best-sellers, award-winners and nominees, established talents and up-coming authors. Myself included.

Ecotones teaser

For those wondering about the fancy meaning of the word, allow mr to quote Andrew, the guy behind the complex effort of organizing and forging the anthology into being: “Ecotones exist wherever different ecosystems make contact. Where forest meets field… where the land meets the sea… where swamp gives way to jungle… where the surface descends beneath the ground… these are borders across which different ways of life come into conflict, and sometimes cooperation.

“But in speculative fiction we might envision other borders: where the mundane meets the fantastical. Where countries clash and cultures mix. Where technology is joined to flesh. Where the known meets the unknown. These are ecotones of the imagination — where anything could happen.

Featuring the work of Ken Liu, Lauren Beukes and Tobias S. Buckell, as well as eleven stories from members of’s writing community, ECOTONES is a collection like no other — a point of contact between fantasy and science fiction with a timely environmental theme.”

As always, I hope you will this collection of short stories interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking. And yes, I would very much appreciate feedback on my own contribution to the anthology, The Grass is Greener on the Other Side. Fare well.