You Are Here

You Are Here

Hey you. Yes, here. Right there. Stop. Great. Great news. Awesome news. There’s another anthology being published by – any day now – and your significant goat lover has contributed a fistful of words. The anthology is called You Are Here – Tales of Carthographic Wonders, and as you can imagine, its main motif is, you guessed it: maps.

You Are Here

First of all, let’s begin with a little blurb, shall we:

Maps define our lives as they define our world.

What were once the priceless resources of a brave and lonely few as they set off into the unknown are now carried in the pockets of billions around the globe. But they were never merely lines on paper – while depicting our geography we infused them with our intelligence, our desires, our imagination, and our memories.

Yesterday, we mapped the world only after we discovered its secrets. Today we map the mind and the body and slowly unveil the universe before we set off into its infinite domains. Maps may have changed, but they are also changeless: they will always guide us.

This anthology charts eighteen worlds which are beautiful, frightening, alien, familiar – sometimes none of these, sometimes all. These stories cover every corner of the speculative map, featuring horror, science fiction, steampunk, high fantasy and more, in styles ranging from the literary and the lyrical to the pulpy and the thrilling.

Wherever you find yourself, there’s only one thing you can ever know for sure:


Now go explore…

If you are intrigued – and you should be, then you might want to visit the official page, or check the book on Goodreads. Now, technical bits and pieces aside, you may ask, Igor, what was your contribution to this work?

You Are Here is an impressive volume of prose. It features 18 stories, and it runs more than 100,000 words. My own share is a story called Forward: using a map of time, a lively investigator attempts to outsmart the very man who invented time-travel. But wait, there’s more!

I have also written a standalone story called A Tale of Guns and Goats and Velvet Coats, and it will star as an introduction piece to the anthology. I know what you’re thinking. Yup, the title is so badass, I actually had to walk away from the computer and relax for a good 10 minutes.

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, credits: Armin Kubelbeck, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the official publication. Imminent. Any day now, but I shall make sure to update you. For the time being, I welcome you to mark this book on your to-read shelves, and stay tuned for the official go-live moment. It’s going to be splendid, I guarantee that. See you very soon, dear readers.