Why zombies? Why first person?

Why zombies? Why first person?

After a few questions from my non-existent friends, I decided to answer a few questions on how the reasoning and the theme for my upcoming zombie book came to be. After all, we had The Lost Words, with multiple story lines, lots of magic, lots of grimness. Then we had Prince Dietrich, who is charming and chivalrous. Not. But definitely funny. Maybe. Now, we have zombies, and one of them will be telling us its story. I, I, I, me, me, me.

Zombies, another teaser

As it turns out, I am not a great fan of first-person book. I find them quite restrictive, as they usually tell the story of one only protagonist, so the world view is very limited. Moreover, the plot often progresses slowly, as the authors take time elaborating on the storyline. Even so, you have no insight into emotions and actions, so the whole thing can feel a little 2D. And worst of all, if you cannot connect with the way the main character feels or thinks, you will be disengaged from the plot so much more easily than with a typical third-person novel.

So it’s a big risk, and I’m willing taking it, hoping my dislike for the narrative will help me tell a story in a compelling, non-boring way that is relatable, deep and cool.

Zombies? Well, why not. And no, I did not jump the hype wagon first class to Hyperia. Not at all. But the concept of science fiction is something I haven’t explored in too much detail, except my short stories, published in SFFWorld’s annual anthologies. So that’s a new one, too. Dystopia, relatable world. Our world.

Zombies also represent an anathema to human life, so the concept is fascinating, especially when told from the perspective of a living dead. Again, I wasn’t angling for a unique idea for the sake of uniqueness, but I did think that having yet another book where a few, happy few, band of survivors shoot zombies in the head in 1,000 different ways using sawed-off shotguns would be too cliche. So I figured, let’s have these zombies that you could actually like.

Zombies that evoke sympathy.

That means first person, and that means our hero will be a zombie.

I hope I’m not going to disappoint you. Stay tuned for updates.