A glimpse into the future

A glimpse into the future

Someone recently asked me: What new books are going to publish in the coming years? Since I realized my answer could not be a simple one-liner, I decided to write a blog post and outline all the different works my fans should expected to see published in the next few summers. Let us elaborate.


A zombie-themed novella – This is work in progress as we speak. Written in first person, from the perspective of a zombie, it should hit the physical and digital shelves in the coming months. An experiment if you will, since I’ve never done first person before, I don’t like first person, but I thought it would be an interesting challenge. I hope I do not disappoint.

Zombies, another teaser

A bible & dragons book – This should be an interesting piece, methinks. Samson, Delilah and the Beast. End of days, the battle between good and evil, all the shebang. I’ve mixed lore with history and religion, and I like it a lot. Expected release date, most likely 2018. You are also welcome to sample a chapter, if you want.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0; courtesy of wikipedia.org.

The Glorious Adventures of Glamorous Prince Dietrich – This is the sequel to The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich, AKA Woes & Hose II. The quest of our cowardly anti-hero continues as his simple ambition of becoming the king is foiled every step of the way by his ruthless father. With more goats, more wars, and even more political machination. You may want to read the first book, to get a feel of this crazy gunpowder-era action-and-humor series. No cover yet, but you can still appreciate the class and wit that have gone into the first book.

Full cover

Unnamed book 1 – Now it’s getting interesting. Check this out. Back in 1990, I wrote a 199-page A5-size novel, my first true work of literature, if it may be called that. I was a lad back then, my head full of Rambo and Die Hard and other awesome movies, so you can imagine this is not a book about bees and flowers. Nope. Silly, senseless action, machoism and all the cliches you can image from a twelve-year-old boy. I am going to publish this as is, no changes to the narration or the plot or anything of that sort. It’s going to be raw, stupid and hilarious.

1990 book teaser

Unnamed book 2 – Another ghost from the past. This is a mega-epic full-blown-magic book about kings and monsters. A struggle for power with the world on the bring of extinction. Typical. I created this in the years 1997-2000, with way too many descriptions of forests, uniforms and court rooms, and too many superlatives. Cardboard characters, zero emotional development, very 90s fantasy if you will. Cut down 90% of the text, it’s still not good enough. So I decided, rather than rewrite a book and make it only average, I will start FRESH. The idea remains, but the writing will be brand new. So in essence, this is a complete new work fashioned from an old idea that I had. It’s a risky endeavor, but I like it. Writing it as we speak.

2000 book teaser

The third and final volume in the Woes & Hose series – Dietrich needs closure. Will he ever become the king? Well, only one way to find out. This book. I still need to write it, but I think it should be ready this year, or the next at the latest.

A second volume in my zombie-themed novella series – This one is about 20-30% done, and shouldn’t be too difficult to complete quickly. I’ve not yet decided how many volumes to include here, but it will most likely be an open-ended series, with each entry a fairly standalone piece.

Well, that’s about it for now. Not bad, I guess. Enough to keep us all busy and happy for least 4-5 years if not longer. I sure do intend to continue writing, including brand new stuff never seen before, challenging my style, perspective and comfort zone. Hopefully, you will like these works as much as you did the previous ones (or better yet, more). Stay tuned.