Welcome to Pacific City

Welcome to Pacific City

That that of year again. Anthologies! SFFWorld.com is running a brand new anthology project, and this time, it’s bigger and more complex than ever. It’s not just a collection of short stories. It’s a shared world. And it’s happening in a fictionalized metropolis on the west coast of the USA. The theme? Heroes & Villains.

Image courtesy of J.J. Wikimedia.org, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Like every year, I am going to pitch in my own share – well, I already have, and I hope my story will do justice to the genre. It’s all too easy to ride the cliche rollercoaster when writing about superheroes and their arch-nemeses, so hopefully, I’ve dodged that minefield. This project will go live later in the year, toward the holidays season. Meanwhile, you may want to check the official Pacific City blog, and read more about the shared world. Enjoy.

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