Ginger vs Dragon – Bible style!

Ginger vs Dragon – Bible style!

When you think about it, few red-haired people share the same fame as the biblical Romeo cum Rambo – the archetypal good-guy Samson, whom I chose as the protagonist for my latest book, I Shall Slay the Dragon! Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Of all the fantasy themes I could have picked, why this one?

I Shall Slay the Dragon


Now that the book is out there, I thought about spending a moment or three talking about this idea. On one hand, it feels obvious: the quintessential tragic love story, the olden-day West Side Story, the best the mythology can give you – and the dragon, of course. On the other, each one of these motifs on their own has been told and resold numerous times. But I’ve never seen them blended together. That’s how my book was born …

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