The Golden Horde weekly serial

The Golden Horde weekly serial

Readers of mine and random curious souls, rejoice! I am going to try something new vis-a-vis writing. At least, new for me. In a few weeks, I will begin a year-long journey of a serial book publication, releasing a fresh new chapter every week, right here on this website, for free. Which book, you’re asking?

Military book teaser

Well, this is going to be The Golden Horde, a military thriller taking place in near future, with World War Three in full swing. You say, War World Three… Why, did you expect the series to end with just two installments?

In a bit more detail … this what you should expect:

Sometime in the near future, a war breaks out between Russia and China. The rest of the world gets pulled in, along the west-vs-east divide. The fighting has been going on for a while. The nukes have been used. The end does not seem near.

Lee Qiang is a special forces operative sent to take command of the most notorious West Army unit – the Golden Horde, a legendary company of elite mercenaries. He has one mission – find the elusive leader of the East Alliance forces, Shishka, and kill him. With Shishka removed, the army will be able to break the long, bloody stalemate in Sector 8, the most vital theater of operations – and finally change the tide of the war.

But before Lee Qiang can complete his task, he must win the loyalty of the battle-hardened Golden Horde. Captain Lip, the brutal founder of the mercenary unit, has no intention of letting go. And with his half-Chinese heritage, Lee Qiang faces not only the horrors of war, but also mistrust from his subordinates. Snipers, mortars, backstabbing, radiation …

That is only the beginning of Lee’s troubles …

Stay tuned.