Woes and Hose, Book 3, type type type

Woes and Hose, Book 3, type type type

No rest for the righteous. With great delight, I have commenced to write the final piece in the best-named trilogy of all times, Woes and Hose. The third book will be called, wait for it, The Daring Adventures of Amorous Prince Dietrich. And it’s already 25% done!

Isn’t this the most punchable face ever, or what.

As always, there will be mischief, tons of it, because our protagonist anti-hero won’t let things be, leading to the conclusion of the series, and the answer to the outstanding question: will Dick ever become the king he so desperately wants to be?

This will indeed be the last book – hence the trilogy. Prince Dietrich is by far the most fun character I’ve ever written, and it is so easy, even trivial, to keep the narrative going. But therein also lies the great peril – of getting bogged down in repetition and tedium, as oft happens with super-long, winded series.

I don’t ever want to fall into that trap.

Anyway, I’m blazing on, the full broadside, and I expect the book to be written in about two months or so, maybe a bit more. The publication will most likely happen in 2022, maybe 2021 if there’s massive demand and hysteria. Either way, it will be grim, it will be dark, and it will be fun.

Stay tuned.