The Broken physical proof is here!

The Broken physical proof is here!

Yes, finally! Today, the first proof arrived via courier, and boy, it looks awesome. The book is big and shiny and sexy, and weighs over one kilogram. It’s also one of the thickest books I’ve ever seen, rivaling some of the 1,000+ page mass market paperbacks like The Lord of the Rings or The Song of Ice and Fire, any one of the five books. But it’s dandy and cool, and here it is. The cover is a tiny bit damaged from the shipping, still, it’s the bestest ever.

The Broken, proof 1

Doesn’t it look awesome. Now, the path to publication still has a few miles left. This is the FIRST proof, and after reading the digital version, which I’ve had for a while, there are some 15-20 spelling mistakes and tiny errors that need to be fixed. Which means, another week or so with the editor, another week to get the book shipped here, and then hopefully, I can approve the final version. So if everything goes well, the book should be out there before the end of May.

More goodness

Here are several more images for you. Enjoy!

The Broken, proof 2

The Broken, proof 3, spine

The Broken & The Betrayed, side by side

The Broken & The Betrayed, one on top of the other

Warning, warning, warning!

The backcover image is a spoiler. It’s a big, HUGE spoiler. Do not, I repeat do not try to read the backcover text unless you’ve read the first book, and you’re absolutely certain you want to read the second one. I warn you, do not glance at the image below if you’re not ready. Last chance. Damn, too late. It’s your fault.