Wars to End All Wars

Wars to End All Wars

Hello, everyone. I am pleased to announce yet another literary work featuring a bunch of words written by your significant other, me. It is an anthology commemorating the 100th anniversary of WWI with alternate history stories from the trenches, and it is aptly named Wars to End All Wars – Alternate Tales from the Trenches. Real-life events, only not quite. Now, surprise surprise, one of the contributing authors to this piece is Elizabeth Moon!

Wars to End All Wars anthology

This collection of works will be published as an e-book on July 28, 2014. It will bear the name of the chief editor, Nila White (N. E. White), with whom I have already worked in the past on the End of the World anthology back in 2012, the one with Hugh Howey and Michael Sullivan as VIP guests.

I do not have a live link just yet, but here’s a brief outline of the expected stories:

The Girl with the Flaxen Hair by Igor Ljubuncic

Wormhole by Lee Swift

Jawohl by Wilson Geiger

Tradition by Elizabeth Moon

On The Cheap by Dan Beiger

One Man’s War by G. L. Lathian

The Foundation by Andrew Leon Hudson

I hope you will find this work enjoyable, that is, if you get past the purchase trigger for whatever it is going to be worth on Amazon and in other stores. This also means I will slightly delay the publication of The Forgotten, so the two do not coincide, and release the third volume in The Lost Words series in mid August. Apologies, and I hope you will be able to wait that much longer. And that’s it for now. Take care.