I am a summer child

I am a summer child

Believe it or not, I have never had a writer’s block per se. I do have time periods where I scribble more or less prose, while my technical writing verbosity remains constant. But I have yet to face that dreadful situation when no words come forth from the tips of your fingers. However, I did notice a clear correlation between seasons and my inspiration.

Seasons & writing

Now that the days are getting longer in the northern hemispere, thank you Mother Earth and your incline, with the spring taking hold and the summer beckoning just round the corner, I find myself writing fresh new stories and books with a revived gusto that had languished for a good few winter months. And that made me thinking.

I always seem to be writing and finishing books in the summer. Always. Without exception, all my prose comes to conclusion in the longer, brighter, warmer days of the year. I have finished all four books in The Lost Words series this way. The same goes for my Dietrich book, and now the sequel, which I’m writing as we speak. And also my zombie novella and my bible & dragons table. They all have the day>night thingie in common.

Think about it. Just like the setting, perhaps there’s a weather component to your inspiration, too. Maybe you are affected by climate, and there’s nothing wrong with your verbosity chakras. You just need to find the right time – and place – to unleash your talent. Till the next time, proverbially yours, me. And stay tuned for the amazing news about the Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich. Till next time.