Love Thy Goats

Love Thy Goats

I have some more goatsome news. Nya of Nya Reads, has agreed to publish a guest post featuring my own words. This fine piece of lunacy prose is titled Love Thy Goats, and it goes into vivid detail of my (and Dietrich’s) fascination with cuddly grass-eating quadrupeds. As we have just recently had the launch of You Are Here, an anthology, and its teaser story titled A Tale of Guns and Goats and Velvet Coats, what better way is there to continue the theme than with another goat story?

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Love Thy Goats begins thusly:

When people think of cuddly animals, goats usually do not fare high on the list. Cats and dogs dominate, followed by some other small, fluffy, hairy things. The ultimate rock climber takes a backbench in this competition, with no fault of its own. But when you think about it in more details, goats are fun. They are agile, they are obstinate, quite clever when they choose to be and when they are not distracted by the smell of human armpits, and they will outsmart you if food is to be had. Have you ever seen a dog perching on a roof of a car, trying to eat off a branch that is way above its normal remit? No, you have not. A goat? Definitely. Sweet, soft, practical, economical. They also taste awesome, and the cheese is a treat, especially for people who are not on friendly terms with cows. All in all, goats tick all the right boxes.

Yet, for some odd reason, people get all too squeamish when it’s time to get intimate with one.

The rest, you will need to read at Nya’s blog. Enjoy.