Dietrich gets love (hate) from Publishers Weekly

Dietrich gets love (hate) from Publishers Weekly

They say any publicity is good publicity. Especially if that publicity comes from an old, established and well-respected authority like Publishers Weekly, via BookLife, a child website of this trade, dedicated to indie authors. Well, they had a stab at Prince Dietrich, and the review confirms it. I write grimdark.

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I loved the review. It does not portray the book in a good light, but then, the hatred for the protagonist is justified, and that sense, it is absolutely awesome, as it reflects the right kind of emotion. Exactly what is needed. Just a fine little snippet:

Ljubuncic’s odious novel takes the idea of the fantasy quest to a new low: Prince Dick is crude, self-involved, greedy, lazy, and completely dishonorable. He has no redeeming qualities and never gains any through his ridiculous attempts to dodge his royal duties.

The review sure generated its share of buzz and follow-up inquiries, confirming the original claim. If you like this kind of thing, and you are yearning for the anti-hero of the year (get the joke), then you might as well give Dietrich a chance. I will stop with puns now. Goodbye.