Writing two books at the same time!

Writing two books at the same time!

A man must have a challenge. Once upon a time, it was reading. One book, six book, eight book bunch, daylight come and me wanna read … in parallel. Next came the writing. One work of art at any give time. Simple. But now, that is no longer enough. So I’m attempting this bold new thing. One author, two novels.


Which ones? Ah, good question. If you remember my glimpse into the future piece, it talks about all the sorts of books, some finished, some not, which I intended to release in the next 2-3 years or so. Well, add one more work to that pile!

I’ve been reading a lot of military history, and I figured, cor, why not write a hardcore, gritty military book? After all, I’ve been accused of writing grim, but how about proper grim? Well, the actual plot takes place on Earth, so it’s realistic sort of like, but then it happens in the future if not so distant or bright. Well, realistic, with a wee pinch of Dystopianness and some light tech-heavy would-be sci-fi elements. But only just. Should be cool.

Military book teaser

This means, I’m doing an epic, magic-heavy fantasy novel and this new military adventure simultaneously, shuffling between themes and characters, figuring out completely different naratives and styles. I like it. The only question is, why this new genre and idea all of a sudden.

Writing is a whimsical, impulsive thing, and I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly! You can’t rush art, but you must not block it, either. If and when the mood strikes, you write whatever comes, even if there’s a long queue of old, ripe ideas ahead.

But worry not! All shalt be published! Nothing gets ignored! You won’t be waiting decades for that sequel or any of that. Moreover, I think it does not hurt or de-focus my writing in any way, but then, you shall be the judge of that. Anyway, enough blogging. It’s writing time!