I Shall Slay the Dragon!

I Shall Slay the Dragon!

Simson. Delilah. And a dragon.

I am starting the publication process for my upcoming novel, I Shall Slay the Dragon!, a standalone biblical-mythology fantasy book staring the original Romeo & Juliet cast, the original femme fatale, and the beast. The End of Days, Gog and Magog, it’s all there.

Dragon cover

We have the usual drill ahead of us – copyediting, interior styling, promotional blurbs, putting it all together and going live. Now that CreateSpace have closed on their professional services, I have the additional challenge of branching out and working with other people in the industry, but this could also be a good opportunity to expand my market. Meanwhile, enjoy the dope cover art, designed by Anton Kokarev, kanartist.ru, who, by the way, has created the fabulous covers for all my books. Stay tuned for updates.

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