The sci-fi book is complete

The sci-fi book is complete

Ladies, gentlemen, extraterrestrials! Another novel nailed. Roughly two months since I started writing the book, it is now complete. One hundred thousand crisp words. Faster than light travel, lighter than air encounters of the fourth kind, galactic political intrigue, space battles, you name it, it’s all there. Well, most of it. The name of the book? The Paradox.

Sci-fi book teaser

This was a productive summer. I averaged about 1,600 words/day with this novel, although it was more like 3,000 words every other day. But I also wrote some 30,000 words in my new technical book on system administration ethics, as well as about 200,000 words worth of articles on Dedoimedo. Keeping in line with my annual one-and-half-million-words milestone.

So what’s next? I’m going to write a short story that will hopefully be accepted for another SFFWorld anthology, and then I believe I will start writing the third and final volume in the Woes & Hose series. That said, the first Dietrich books still holds the time-to-complete record, madly and swiftly done in a single hectic, exhilarating month. Anyway, off you go reading, and off I go writing. Take care.

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