2018 in writing

2018 in writing

Normally, I don’t do big annual summaries, but then, this year, I felt it actually might be a useful exercise. Sort of recap what I did, what I wrote, what got published and where. If you’re a numberophil, this little article ought to be interesting.


What have the Romans Igors ever done for us?

All right, so I was a busy little bee. The final tally is as follows:

– Posted about 200 technical articles, each roughly 5,000 words in length.

– Finished a sci-fi book named Paradox; roughly 100,000 words in two odd yet intense months of writing; personally, I feel this is one of my finer works ever.

– Finished Darkeness, the sequel to my first-person zombie-themed novella Decay; about 20K words, told by a zombie no less.

– Finished my 30-year-old childhood book – this is a whole field of corny corns (30K words).

– Started a book on system administration ethics; 50% and about 45,000 words smitten.

– Wrote three shorts stories, including one or two pieces for upcoming anthologies.

– Got a story published – The Hunt – in Crimson Streets.

– Published I Shall Slay the Dragon! standalone mythological fantasy novel.

Welcome to Pacific City SFFWorld.com anthology came out, with my story included.

All in all, this comes out to roughly 1,200,000 new words this year, spread over four books, five short stories, and hundreds of technical articles. A good year, one might say. Well, I guess that would be all. I have no fancy new-year resolutions, because I don’t do new-year resolutions. I just sit down and write.

Hopefully, among the torrents of words, you also found some joy and fun and knowledge in my work. Otherwise all that fancy word smithing has been in vain. That would be all for this solar cycle. Take care and see you out there.

Happy New Year!