The Woes & Hose trilogy is complete!

The Woes & Hose trilogy is complete!

I am happy to announce that I’ve just finished writing the third book in the best-named trilogy of all time. The last volume, titled The Daring Adventures of Amorous Prince Dietrich brings conclusion to the escapades of our misunderstood and loathed protagonist – Dick.

Woes and Hose trilogy banner

The book took me a little longer than I expected. The reason is – I had to rewrite a good third of the book, roughly 15 chapters, because there wasn’t enough action, humor and Dick’s cunning to make it a worthy compatriot to the Amazing Adventures and Glorious Adventures. But that’s all behind us. The book is done, the trilogy is done! No loose ends.

The thing is, there’s enough material to keep writing about Dick for at least two more books, but I’m not going to fall into that trap. Too many an author have rabbitholed themselves into endless prequels, halfquels and lazy spinoff stories, written without much enthusiasm, and often with side plots that don’t have the necessary amount of true passion and fun like the story they planned originally. And it shows. While I’m sad to leave Dick behind, because he is the most fun character I’ve ever written, I know it’s the best thing to do, for me and for my readers.

Expected publication, most likely 2022.

Now, I’m off to do some fresh writing – a completely new and wild plot!