First reviews for The Broken are coming in

First reviews for The Broken are coming in

I will not bother you much this time. We are going to have a fairly short article today. Anyhow, The Broken, the second book in my epic fantasy series, The Lost Words, has receives its maiden reviews on Amazon. Two to be exact, with the first one being sort of a placeholder by a happy reader telling us she will read more. Not bad.

Then, we have a more detailed review. Daniel tells us:

Reading the first book (The Betrayed) I was unaware that it is planned as a series, so I was confused with some seemingly unfinished plots. The Broken is built on those plots so people should read the first book. This book has several story arcs that intertwine, characters are well developed, but luckily there are no unnecessary and long descriptions of nature and stuff that is a problem with many fantasy books. The dynamical jump between characters and story arcs makes this book hard to let go and forcing you to read just-one-more-page. The story culminates, but it leaves a lot open, making us wait for the next book (hopefully not for very long).

Yup, you will have to wait for the next book. Good news, though, the wait will not have to be long, because the third book has been ready since last autumn, and I have scribbled down almost half the fourth and last installment. Speaking of reviews, finally, let’s not forget the Ubuntu Edge contest, so here’s your chance to win an expensive smartphone.

Cheers and stay cool!