I finished writing a book … in just 10 days

I finished writing a book … in just 10 days

Readers of mine, welcome. I think I’ve just broken a personal best when it comes to finishing a book. The previous record stood at 34 days for Prince Dietrich, the first volume that is. Now, I’ve managed an even better lap time. Just ten merry days of writing.


So what gives? Here are some numbers. The new work is a technical-business book. Non-fiction that is, and actually, this is easier writing than fiction, because you really don’t need to invent anything, and the rules of the world are “known”.

Seventeen or eighteen chapters all total, some 50,000 words. This averages into a very nice and respectable 5,000 words/day, keeps the doctor away, ha! But in effect, the writing was structured around three or four manic days with some 7,000 words etched onto digital paper each time, and then a few more with a lesser output. All in all, I’m quite happy, given the fact I managed to incorporate this into my daily schedule without giving up on any other activity – or yet more writing.

Well, there you go. Now, time to start a brand new book. Go!