Dedoimedo 2016 tablet contest ends soon

Dedoimedo 2016 tablet contest ends soon

Ladies, gentlemen! Brace yourselves. The end is nigh! I mean, come the first day of December, the Dedoimedo 2016 contest concludes. What is this all about, you may ask, intrigued. Well, there’s this little contest I’m running on my main website. You read my books, you rate them, and you get a chance to win a BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet, FHD model no less. Neat, right.

Ubuntu tablet

Like previous contests, this should be fun. Most notably, you should focus your efforts on my recently published book, The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich, the first volume in the most gloriously named series, Woes and Hose. If those sweet words won’t sway you, I don’t know what will. There. Amazon link for those truly curious now. I’ve done my share of nudging, it’s up to you to do some reading. 26 nights left. No time to waste. Ladies, gentlemen, remember, remember, the first day of December!

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